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Advanced: Warm up for the summer, kit tuning and waterstarting!

•This clinic is for those who want to take the beachstart to deeper water and start sailing on lower volume boards in stronger winds and save uphauling in those choppy conditions. The entry level skill to sailing on the coast.

Advanced: Planing carve gybe

For those who are planing, still trying to master the gybe. Take what you have learnt in the non-planing carve gybe into this faster maneuver. De-code the basic parts of this move in the clinic by breaking the gybe into bite size chunks.


Advanced: Gybe variations

•For those who are trying the carve gybe or mastered the gybe and want to try something new. We will look at the duck gybe, slalom/laydown gybe, high wind/survival gybe, the strap to strap gybe and more.

Advanced: Waterstarting and jumping!

Grow yourself some wings! For those comfortably planing in both footstraps. This is easier to learn than a planing gybe! We will look at how to pick the right chop and pop the board.

Advanced Clinics (WS)

  • Aimed at those who have completed the Intermediate Planing level
  • Session aims are interchangeable depending on weather and are non-certified
  • Half a day of Advanced WS coaching with a focus on a particular skill
  • 7 April 2018 0930-1300: Warm up for the season
  • 9 June 2018 1330-1700: Planing carve gybes
  • 6 October 2018 1330-700: Gybe variations
  • 3 November 2018 1330-1700: Waterstarting & jumping

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